Hot Air Balloon Carts
American Metal Arts is proud to introduce custom-built Hot Air Balloon Carts! These carts are
built right in the Texas Panhandle. All artwork can be customized with your words and logos.
We use solid 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch steel. These carts can be totally customized to your needs.
We can size them for your trailers, add handles, tie-down point and other unique options to
make your ballooning easier. These carts can also be used and adapted for any other activity
needing strong, customized carts. Call Greg today for more information!
All carts have the
following features:

1. Heavy 1/8th inch steel
plate construction.

2. Beautiful
powder-coated finish in
over 600 colors and

3. Built in handles and
balloon tires for easy

4. Lots of space available
for your logo, company or
balloon name, slogans
and etc.

5. Quality construction,
built to last a lifetime.

6. Over 1000 stock
designs to choose from or
we can use your own
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your products.
Alan Bellinghausen 806

Greg Dodson
806 236-1109

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