Bar-B-Que Cookers
American Metal Arts is proud to introduce custom-built Bar-B-Que Cookers! These cookers are
built right in the Texas Panhandle. All artwork can be customized with your words and logos.
We use solid 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch steel. The grill is one piece with your logo or ranch brand in
the center. These cookers are great for companies, colleges, ranches, or anyone that wants a
unique, one-of-a-kind cooker! Call us today for more information!
All cookers have the
following features:

1. Heavy 1/8th inch steel
plate construction.

2. Grill is one solid piece
of 1/4 inch steel. The logo
is cut out at the same
time. No welding!

3. Beautiful painted finish.

4. Built in handles and
balloon tires for easy

5. Grill can easily be lifted
and removed.

6. Storage box for
briquettes, firewood,
utensils and other

7. Table area stays cool to
the touch even with an
open flame.

8. Lots of space available
for your logo, company or
ranch name, slogans and

9. Quality construction,
built to last a lifetime.

10. Over 1000 stock
designs to choose from or
we can use your own
Please go to the cooker order page to order your custom BBQ cooker!
Please go to the cooker order page to order your custom BBQ cooker!
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