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wording exactly like you want it. Make sure that you capitalize any words that need to be capitalized. We will
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The center grill section is cut from a single sheet of 1/4 inch thick steel. We can place
any logo, ranch brand, design or words that you want. We can use all of the grill for
your design, not just the center area.
Click here to browse our art library! Make your selection using the design number for each design.
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Please email  your artwork to Greg or Alan. We can accept most file types including JPEG, BMP, PDF and
other graphic file types. We will modify your design for the unique style necessary for cutting in metal.
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The top of the cooker(tabletop) is a circle about 4 feet in diameter. Words and designs can be
placed around this circle. Generally, we place words at the top and bottom with 2 logos or designs
on the right and left sides, however we can design it any way you desire.
Enter the wording for the top of the circular design:
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The side rails of the cooker can contain
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The tabletop is painted with heat resistant black paint. The sides and bottom areas can be any color.
We can also mask off certain areas and paint them
Let us know of anything special you would like on your cooker.
We will be in touch with you after you place the order
to confirm your artwork desires and firm up the
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