Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to make a sign?
All signs are different but it usually takes less than two weeks from the
time you give final approval of the artwork to get the metal cut and the
art piece finished. This time varies depending on the complexity of the
artwork, changes made during design, number of pieces to create and
the finish required. Powder-coating is scheduled for maximum
efficiency of the ovens and delays can sometimes occur in getting it
done. Art pieces left as raw steel are completed much faster.
What is powder-coating?
Powder-coating is a strong durable finish applied to metal and
electrical charge and then coated with a powder, which is then baked
on at over 400 degrees in a large oven.
What fonts can I use?
We have a lot of fonts on our font selection page, but we can use work
well with metal cutting. Many of the script fonts have skinny areas We
have a lot of fonts on our font selection page, but we can use that are
two small or require excessive cuts. Also, letters must all connect back
together to all pieces of each other. Some fonts do not allow that to
occur easily. Let us know if you have a particular font and we will
evaluate it for you.
What is plasma-cutting?
Plasma-cutting is a process of using electricity and air to create
plasma out of steel and then remove it by a blast of high-pressure air.
Computers drive the plasma torch over the steel, creating the pattern.
Our machine is accurate to one-thousandth of an inch.
How long will my sign last?
Our artwork is creating by using high quality plate steel normally around
1/8th inch thick. It will rust if not treated. Our powder-coated finishes
should last a lifetime. Our painted finishes should last 10-20 years
depending on their exposure to the elements.
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