Numbers and Letters
Flat Cut Metal Numbers and Letters!
We can cut numbers and letters in 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch flat steel. These letters and numbers add an attractive
and professional look to your home or business. They can also add an attractive and professional finishing
touch to your ornamental and wrought iron projects. To order, just select the font from our
font selection page.
Then fill in the order form below or call us at the numbers listed to the left.
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The size is determined by a CAPITAL letter with no ascenders or
descenders. All other letters will be in proportion to this letter.
Lower case letters therefore will be smaller than the selected size.
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Enter the wording exactly like you want it. Make sure that you capitalize any
words that need to be capitalized. We will cut the letters and numbers
EXACTLY like they are entered.
12 inch
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Please be sure that you have included a valid email address and/or phone number so that we
can reach you if there is a problem with your order! If you have any questions about your
order, please email or call us.
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